Surrey Police Board

Municipal police board, Surrey, BC

Our services include

  • Discovery session
  • Logo design

The Surrey Police Board (SPB) was created to provide independent civilian oversight for the new Surrey Police Service (SPS) and hold it accountable to the community.

As a new organization, they needed a logo, but as part of a high-profile policing transition, they were subject to intense public scrutiny. The Board was responsible for overseeing two of the new police service’s most important promises – transparency and accountability – and it was important that their logo send the right message. It needed to clearly communicate their role, their commitment to the community, and their values-based, progressive approach.

Designing a logo that communicates multiple relationships

Indalma began with a Discovery session to help the Board identify the brand attributes they wanted to communicate. Our team listened, researched, and developed a list of attributes that might describe the SPB brand. Once the attributes were chosen, we worked through a series of design iterations, knowing that the new logo had to:

  • Express key attributes such as accountability, responsiveness, and progressiveness
  • Show the relationship between the Board, the community, and SPS
  • Feel reassuring to the community, who were about to undergo a large change in their policing service
  • Be distinct from, but related to, the SPS logo
  • Work side-by-side with the SPS logo when they appeared together on publications

Working with this committed and diverse group – who were passionate about the benefits of a community-based policing model – meant that the creative ideas flowed. In the end, the Board chose a design that had the SPS crest at the centre, surrounded by an open shield shape. The design flows from the centre outwards; the crest nestles within the shield to show SPS’s responsibility to the Board, and the shield is open to the community to express transparency, open communication, and the Board’s accountability to the citizens of Surrey.

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