Surrey Police Service

Municipal police service, Surrey, BC

Our services include

  • Design of crest fonts and colours
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity development
  • SPS motto
  • Brand style guide
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Website content
  • Copywriting across projects
  • Strategy for awareness-building campaign
  • Digital ads
  • Social media management and content for recruiting
  • Transit and billboard ads
  • Annual report

In 2018, the City of Surrey began the process to establish an independent, local police service tailor-made for Surrey. The new service will gradually transition into place, replacing the RCMP, who have been policing in Surrey since 1951. SPS will grow to become one of the largest municipal police services in Canada, and their goal is to become a model for community-based policing across North America, with a focus on innovative solutions, community collaboration, local accountability, and inclusiveness.

Indalma had years of experience working with other BC municipal police services on design and messaging projects – our task was to help SPS develop a foundation of brand assets and a brand style guide, along with recruiting and public awareness campaigns that showed their commitment to community, innovation, diversity, and “the new face of policing”.

Laying the foundation for a community-centred policing brand

In the process of helping SPS design their core visual assets, we also helped them to define a brand identity and voice that was approachable, progressive, trustworthy and professional. Indalma worked with key stakeholders to help them express their core values and mission, and to create an organizational motto that expressed their promise to the public, while providing a sense of purpose and mission for their employees. “Safer. Stronger. Together.” was the final choice – a motto that speaks to their goal of creating a safer Surrey and a more effective service through community-based policing.

Promoting the new face of policing

In late 2021, just as the first group of Surrey Police Service officers began working alongside Surrey RCMP,  SPS began running a public awareness campaign to let the public know that they would be seeing officers in SPS uniforms, and to communicate their new approach – as a community-based policing service – to policing in Surrey.

Indalma collaborated with the team at SPS to create the umbrella concept, “Designed from Day 1 for Surrey”, under which all of the messaging would be unified. Digital ads, billboards, and an initial set of transit shelter ads laid the groundwork by briefly setting out the promise of community-based policing – local priorities, local accountability, and community-based solutions – while a second set of transit shelter ads showed SPS’s new approach in action.

The officers featured in those ads “walk the talk” – they are revealed as progressive and invested members of the community first, and as skilled police officers, second. The photography style is intimate and friendly, and the story is about building relationships in the community. The brand photography style for SPS is designed to communicate their values and mission, and avoid the militaristic imagery so common in policing communication.

In 2022, Indalma designed SPS’s first annual report – a milestone for this hard-working organization dedicated to building a safe, stronger Surrey.

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