Port Moody Police Department

Municipal police department, Port Moody, BC

Our services include

  • Discovery
  • Copywriting
  • Signage design

Port Moody Police Department (PMPD) serves about 33,500 people in this Lower Mainland city with a small-town feel. While the department has a high approval rating within the community, internally, some of their cultural messaging was due for an update. They provided Indalma with a challenge: translate PMPD’s core values, which had been written many years ago using bureaucratic language, into messaging that would resonate with, and inspire, today’s generation of police officers.

PMPD wanted to fully express what Integrity, Courage, Trust, Respect and Accountability meant in the context of their departmental culture today, to set expectations for incoming new recruits and remind existing members – on even the hardest of days – of the fundamental values guiding their work.

Creating culture-defining messaging for a policing brand

The new messaging would be both inward and outward-facing – addressing both the internal team culture and how the team interacted with people on the street. The tone and storytelling would be “real” and acknowledge the difficulty of consistently acting on those values under stressful conditions.

Through a series of interviews, our team drilled down into what PMPD’s core values looked like in action to bring them to life in new and meaningful ways. As we began to develop copy, we saw room for further messaging on the theme of “Strong starts here” that would provide inspiration in the gym, Training, and Constables’ rooms.

Once the copy was approved, our designers set to work creating a series of 4’ x 4’ signs, one for each core value, that would be posted throughout the station in locations where members would see them every day.

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