Batch Food

Meal Service Company, Langley, BC

Our services include

  • Wordmark Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Website Structure
  • Gift Cards, Stickers
  • Social Media Visuals
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Target Market Research and Strategy
  • Renaming (transition of name from one company/brand to another)
  • Writing of Client Communications (automatic emails)

Batch Food ( is a meal service company founded in 2012 by a local Red Seal chef (and mother) who saw a need for delicious and nutritious homemade dinners that busy families could have delivered to their door and pull – as-needed – from their freezers.

Indalma worked with the owner of Batch for several years, helping her refine her messaging, website, and packaging as her company grew and expanded into premade breakfasts, lunches and salads.

In 2019, when Batch began to look for larger premises, they found an opportunity to acquire another meal service company with a great storefront location and an established clientele that included many seniors, a new and growing market for Batch. The owner asked Indalma to help her fold the newly purchased brand into Batch, in a way that would retain existing customers and attract new ones. We needed to help them rebrand and rename the new store, design new packaging, create messaging that explained the changes, refresh their email communication, and merge the two company menus into one, easy-to-use online menu.

This brand’s delicious idea expanded into a retail store and bigger market

Indalma’s team began by forming a strategy for the gradual in-store rollout of the new brand over a period of several months: from the introduction of Batch products to the store alongside the existing brand, to signage, packaging notes, and email that introduced the new ownership and explained changes as they happened, to the final transformation to a fully Batch brand.

One of the biggest tasks was to merge the two company menus into a single online offering of more than 100 items, with a user experience that would satisfy both the veterans who were largely ordering single meals, the health-conscious customers who were eating special diets, and Batch’s existing customer base of young families. The end solution was a site with mega menus that allowed users to order by type of meal, type of diet, size of meal, and fresh or frozen meals.

In-store, we worked with Batch’s owner to transform the awkward lay-out and industrial aesthetic into a space with a fresh and lively feel. We improved the traffic flow, created interior and exterior signage with upbeat messaging, created a playful, food-focused wall-size illustration, and applied Batch’s colour palette. Today, Batch is thriving in their new location, with a growing clientele who enjoy Batch’s healthy comfort food, in-store or delivered to their door.

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