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Transpacific Realty Advisors

Transpacific Realty Advisors

This values-driven property management company was willing to stretch creatively to fully express who they are and what they offer.
Their goal was to attract more clients who were interested not only in a top property management team, but also in building honest, long-term business relationships. The company wanted a new website that would look and sound unlike anything else in the industry,
and fully express their difference.

Over the course of a year, Indalma worked with Transpacific to develop and express a brand story that centred on their unique offer:
big firm expertise, attentive values-driven service, and practical solutions.

We began by developing a set of core messages that could be used in ads, articles, and online. Simple, direct statements expressed the company’s difference, “We think like owners, not managers.” Ad headlines took a unique position, such as “We don’t want to be the biggest. We want to be the best at what we do.” The new content showed that the company understood their market and knew their business.

Indalma also designed a new visual identity for the company, using colour, layout, pattern and white space for a bold, modern look, rather than relying solely on conventional, colour photos of buildings for interest. Although buildings are featured on the website, they aren’t the focus. The home page banner features no buildings at all, instead it tells a visual story about Transpacific’s client-focused approach.

To drive more traffic to their website, increase their search rankings, and establish themselves as industry experts, Transpacific also committed to a blog series, the development of an online Learning Centre, and regular social media posts.

The president of this company is an explorer, both in life and in business, and so Transpacific’s brand identity will continue to evolve – along with the business opportunities that come with being willing to stand out.