In our design studio we do a lot of big-picture thinking, strategizing, and planning before we start to create. So although, technically, we’re a creative services agency, we’re really explorers looking for uncommon solutions to common problems. We’re searching for the best path to get you where you need to go – with some great scenery along the way!

How we work

We ask questions. Lots of questions.

We want to understand your business and your market, learn about your strengths and challenges, and know what your goals are – now, and five years from now. It’s our job to help you clarify what you want, and to figure out how we can help you achieve it; it’s no coincidence that Indalma means “vision” in Greek.

We listen to your answers.

We listen – really, really well. We note your likes and dislikes, we create solutions that fit your budget, and we only pitch ideas that will achieve your goals. We may be designers, but we’re also practical business people who believe that your creative has to work just as hard as you do and get results.

We constantly ask, “What’s in it for your customers?”

We ask this question all the time, because it keeps us on course. We want to make sure that our solutions connect with, and engage your market, so we brainstorm strategies and concepts, research and scribble on paper – until we have a solid plan.

We share your story with the world.

This is our favourite part. Great stories connect with your market’s hearts and minds. Great stories make them act – and the very best stories get shared. From concept and strategy through to design and execution – using creative visuals and engaging copy – we tell your story in the most compelling and effective way possible.

Want to know more?

We find new clients feel more comfortable when they know what to expect – download your copy of our design or website process below.

What we believe in

Having our clients’ backs.

What does that mean? It means that we think about you and your business almost as much as you do. If we see an opportunity, we’ll tell you. If you’re unsure about something, we’ll talk it through with you. And if something’s not up to standard, we’ll go to bat for you. From our first meeting, we keep our eye on what you want to achieve and help you get there.

Doing good work.

Some people might call us obsessive, but we can live with that. Good work gets results and helps our clients succeed. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Dreaming big.

We might just be making you a logo, but we’re curious about where it could take you.

Collaborating, exploring and having a laugh.

In our experience, the best creative is born when you have permission to explore. When we come into the studio, we check our egos at the door, unpack our sense of humour, and get ready to play. And we invite our clients to do the same. Because when we work together, good creative becomes great creative.

Who we are

If you’ve read this far, you probably have a strong sense of how we roll and what we stand for.

What else? Well, since 2004, we’ve operated out of a small design studio in South Delta, BC, where the kettle is always on and the scone fairy visits frequently.  We’re a small, tight-knit creative team that expands and contracts according to the needs of a project. And our fearless leader is owner and principal graphic designer, Angela McGregor – after more than 20 years in the industry, she knows how to take a meeting.

Let’s connect