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Southridge School

Southridge School


Southridge is a South Surrey non-profit private school (K-12) that ranks impressively in the Fraser Institute’s Report Card for BC schools. Much more than being a top academic performer, they are also a values-oriented educator committed to teaching the importance of positive contribution.

When Indalma began to work with the school, we realized the importance of setting some brand standards for this organization, so that their communication – from business cards to newsletters – would look visually unified.

Southridge had two logos that were being used interchangeably. The official logo was based on the school crest, the other spoke to the school’s spirit and purpose. The challenge was to eliminate the second logo, without losing everything its tagline, “We Are All One”, seemed to express.

Indalma reconfigured how the school name was used on the official logo, and paired it with the second tagline in different configurations to suit a range of applications. The next challenge was to clearly express the meaning of the tagline to the school’s market.

Indalma uncovered material in existing school documents that had been developed during meetings with stakeholders when the “We Are All One” tagline was developed. Most intriguing, were four questions that embodied the goals and teachings of the school.

Indalma used the questions and tagline in marketing collateral to stimulate an ongoing conversation within the school community. We created
wall graphics, billboards, magazines, postcards, and ads that clearly expressed, in an emotionally compelling way, who the organization was and what they stood for. It was an important, unifying expression of the school’s values in-house, and of the value they offered to the world
(and market) outside.