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Jericho Physiotherapy

Jericho Physiotherapy


In an increasingly competitive market, this established physiotherapy group needed to advertise the unique skills and experience that set them apart from other clinics in Metro Vancouver. They had a loyal client base and a great word-of-mouth reputation, but knew they needed to intensify their marketing – particularly online – to continue to attract new clients. They were ready for a new look and messaging – in office, online and in print – that would express who they were now, after more than 35 years in business.

Over the course of a year, Indalma worked with Jericho to develop and express a brand identity that reflected the client’s offer: high-level skills and experience, the ability to solve almost any problem, and a caring, collaborative and fun culture.

In an industry that is about both emotional and physical healing, it was important to uncover the feelings this group of physios wanted to convey – from their logo to their office environment. Throughout the discovery process, the clients were very collaborative, very aware of what works for them. We began by designing a logo in colours that resonated with the partners and that was an abstraction of a tensegrity model, the architectural principle that informs their work.

We paired the new logo with a new tagline that speaks to the art and science of what they do. These two elements were incorporated into the first stage of a new visual identity that rolled out across business cards, letterhead, signage and a series of in-office rack cards.

Online, Jericho invested in a new website that reflects their commitment to client education. All of their services are explained in warm, layperson-friendly language. The layout is fresh and clean, and the information-dense site is easy to navigate. To drive more traffic to their website and increase their search rankings, Jericho also committed to a blog series that will be posted throughout the year, along with regular social media posts.