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Delta Police Department

Delta Police Department

The Delta Police Department serves as the police force for a population of about 100,000 people in Delta, BC. They have developed a strong reputation in their community with their in-house policy of, “No call is too small”.

Since 2011, Indalma has worked with the department on projects that steadily develop and enhance the force’s brand. One of our earliest projects was to adapt the mandatory central policing crest, which all departments must feature, for DPD’s own use on their uniforms and vehicles, and in print and online.

It was an opportunity for Delta Police Department to update their brand – the client wanted a visual identity that was less conservative and more contemporary, one that expressed their connection to the community in which they worked.

We guided them through the process, helping them choose fonts, colours, and adapt the new crest/logo to a variety of uses. We suggested they use photos of their own members in marketing collateral, and have worked with them piece-by-piece over the years to help create a visual identity that is approachable and relatable, and that reflects the reality of the department’s respectful, responsive relationship with the community.