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5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

5 Ways to Improve your Hiring Process in 2022

Right now, many businesses do not have enough workers and the competition for good people is strong. If you’re having a hard time attracting employees, it may be time to look at what your company is saying about itself as a place to work. You might not think of hiring as a branding issue, but it is: hiring is as much about knowing your audience and marketing your brand to them, as it is about vetting prospective employees.

Ensure your recruiting voice sounds like your brand

We see this one a lot: an organization has a warm brand voice that turns impersonal in their hiring material. Not only does this raise questions about what your internal culture is really like, it fails to sell you as a workplace. Develop an employment brand that will appeal to the candidates you want; strong recruiting material is a collaboration between Marketing and HR.

Learn what motivates your ideal employee

Well-developed buyer personas are part of any brand strategy, and in a tight labour market you should develop a profile for your ideal employee. You know what you want from them, but do you know what they want from you?

Take a look at the people in your organization who perform well and really enjoy working with you – what are they like, what do they value, what do they do outside of work? Can you use that information to get creative about where you look for recruits and what you can offer? Take a look at common pain points for workers in your industry like burnout, lack of child care, emotional stress, or low disposable income. What solutions can you offer? If you make an offer to a strong candidate and they turn you down, ask them where they think you could do better.

Describe the intangible benefits of working for your business

McDonald’s, for example, knows that most of its crew members will go on to other jobs, but that they have a reputation for building work habits that other employers desire – so they position themselves as “A Great Start”. What intangibles do you offer? A fun culture, a creative environment, the opportunity to treat your job “like your own business”?

Show your company culture on social media

Provide social proof that you’re a fun, flexible, values-oriented – whatever you are – workplace. Show staff outings, collaborations, dress-up days, awards, charitable work etc. Prospective employees will look to social to see if you are who you say you are.

Make your hiring process clear, concise and personal

When was the last time you tried to complete and submit an application for your own company? Is it clear what the process is? Are you putting applicants through unnecessary steps? How long is it before they make contact with a real person in your company via text, email or phone? If your hiring process is too long, too complicated, or too impersonal, you may lose candidates to a competitor who is more streamlined.

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