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Joanne Evans, Realtor

Joanne Evans, Realtor


Committed. Connected. Caring.

This local real estate agent approached us for a total branding solution that included new website content, new social media profiles and a new look for all of her print material. She offered very personalized, one-on-one service to her clients and felt a strong connection to the local area, even as her business was expanding to include other neighbourhoods. In a highly competitive market, Joanne knew she needed to identify and promote her unique advantages in a strong, unified way.

Indalma began by meeting with Joanne to get to know her and her business. It was a period of intense focus, as we worked to create the words and images that would embody who she was. For her online banners, local imagery overlaid with a honeycomb pattern in soft colours worked hand-in-hand with the tagline to tell a story of connection and relationships. The pattern was then adapted to Joanne’s business cards, notepads, letterhead and envelopes. We wrote new website copy that reflected Joanne’s warm, personal style and commitment to customer service, creating content that offered value to the reader, as well as promoting key marketing messages.